My Pants Are Shrinking . . .

in so many ways.

If you’ve followed me or read any of my posts before, you might notice that there are a few *cough all cough* missing. I did this on purpose.

Know what I’ve learned these last few months? My pants are going to shrink one way or another, totes don’t the ones I’m wearing to shrink, lets not confuse things here . . . . the weight gain is stopping. Period.

But, the pants I can wear will shrink, and they have . . . . but not by focussing on weight loss and all the brain fog and clutter that comes with it. I  have to figure out how to make this journey just natural everyday life. So far, I’ve managed to change a few things for the better and I’m seeing results.

I’m still trying to figure out wtf happened that I fell off the wagon in the first place, but lets be honest, Triscuits and cheese are just sometimes the best tasting meal and Starbucks latte’s just don’t taste right fat free, who does that??

I will shrink my pants, permanently, but I will do it by living my life, not by trying to have so much effing control that I forget to enjoy the little things that happen every day.

Be fore warned, I’ve got a lens kit coming for my phone camera (totes excited, i’m like a giddy child its ridiculous) and there will be many pics taken.  You will be bombarded.  Except for now, since I can’t seem to find my actual camera memory card, and my phone wont upload . . . just, ugh.

I’ve changed my view and my approach, live life and enjoy it, the rest will fall into place. But no number on a pair of jeans is going to mean anything if I’m miserable wearing them.




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