Spook-Tacular fun . . . and I miss my Fitbit

I have taken the week off to look after a family member who needs some help over the next 4-5 days. I had such good intentions to get things cleaned in the house, food prepped, organized . . . yeah that didn’t happen.
Its the week before Halloween  . . . . this happened.


I count this as a work out since I had to rake leaves to fill that Jack-O-Lantern leave bag, which ripped anyway after I realized the face was on the very, very bottom of the bag. Total failure on that one. I may have cut that and the matching ghost bag out of the picture. All that aside, I like how our little graveyard turned out, quite exciting.

This week I do plan on getting back into my work out routine. Maybe after the insane amount of baking I plan to do (hey . . . Jason bought a new convection oven for a reason, I can’t let that go to waste)

I miss my fitbit though. The last time I saw it was when we went on a relaxing family vacation to the Whiteshell. I have no idea why I brought it in the fits place, but I took it off and could have sworn I put it in my bag to come home . . guess I didn’t. And I can’t justify spending $140 to replace it either. Sad Panda.

Pumpkin mousse tarts . . . I think that may have to  happen. Pumpkin Spice All The Things!


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