Halloween has cometh . . .

My favourite of the holidays . . . totes think we should have it as a paid day off, seriously.
After getting to spend the week looking after my Mom I also got to do the fun stuff for Halloween with my little Pumpkin. I can’t even describe how much fun it has been getting to make his costume, make goodies for Beaver Scout’s, school party day and decorating the yard with him. I love it. I would be that stay at home mom that has the Pinterest projects actually turn out like they are supposed to and I’d do them All . . . The . . . Time. Yeah, I’m that Mom (feel free to curse me out right now, I annoy myself sometimes with my Pinterest evilness)

Witch’s Fingers are the most fun things you can do with a kid. We started out with pretzel sticks (big ones, no one wants skimpy scrawny treats) and Jack painted on the melted green chocolate, then I added a shaved almond finger nail. We switched after a bit, at 6 years old his attention 20151029_19445620151030_105805spam is still pretty small and add in there the fun grotesqueness of making fingers, he wanted to put the nails on. It was quite the production to find the perfect nail for each finger, seriously, he needed to try at least three different slivers on each before he found the right one.
The kids in his class loved them, of the 35 we made only 5 came home. Have to throw it out to his teacher too . . . coming to school dressed as Where’s Waldo for the win. Loved it. I had to go over the top for lunch too . . . what cowboy wouldn’t love franks and beans with cornbread for lunch? It had to be done.

Then came the actual Trick-Or-Treating . . . . but we had to prepare. He couldn’t be a regular cowboy, no no. 20151031_112303He had to be a zombie cowboy. I’m going to be honest, I can be pretty artistic and creative when it comes to the kitchen but make up . . . . this is the extent of my makeup talent.  I have a friend at work that does amazing Halloween make up and she did up his make up awesomely. Zombie cowboy . . . . it worked. 20151031_16545420151031_171858

After an hour or so hitting the pavement, many friends spotted on the way, Jack-O-Lanterns and haunted houses he made out with a bag full of candy. Little surprised he called it quits to go home and hand 20151031_193906out candy instead (Uber proud he prefers to be the one making the little trick-or-treaters smile handing out the treats)

The weather was great, that light light mist that made it just a touch creepier outside couldn’t have been better. I really love this day, there is something so fantastic about seeing little kids thrilled to be dressed up as their favourite characters, super hero’s, a prince or a princess and the smile on their faces when you make a big deal about their costume. Its simple and its honest and its wonderful. For me, better than Christmas.

The sugar crash has come, the little one is asleep in his bed already planning his costume for next year.

have I mentioned that I love Halloween? I even got a bandana on Sadie, 20151031_112317next year . . . full on costume for her . . . .just might forget to mention it to Jason




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