One small thought

20151028_190235My memorable memory for today comes from the fact that I was in training at work all day with my manager and the assistant department manager and I felt comfortable enough to crack jokes and join in the conversations. Not too many people can say they feel that comfortable around their manager. To be fair, most managers wouldn’t buy you a beer at a company golf tournament but mine did . . so score for me.

Speaking of the ridiculous amount of social media we  have at our fingertips, am I a complete idiot because I can’t figure out how to navigate or work Tumblr? Seriously, I have been clicking around this thing for a week or more and can’t figure out how to link one to the other . . . I’ve read you can, wikihow told me it was possible damn it. I think its much much easier (Totally more lame as well) to go “Hey . . . I have a Tumblr, don’t know why or what it does, but here it is
I like all the pictures of animals though, and funny memes. Its like a weird insta-tweet.   hybrid. I still can’t get into twitter, I’ve tried, I don’t get the appeal. Instagram, I get that. It’s pictures, pictures are simple, pictures are fun (might be my slight obsession with photos though, not sure)

Anyway, I have a Tumblr and the most amusing thing I can say (besides my Cousins blog which you should check out cause she’s funny as shit ) is the fact that my avatar is a goat. A Scottish Goat I have named Totes.

Get it.

Totes My Goat.


shush its funny and you laughed.

Go check out Totes.  He will make an appearance here soon i’m sure.


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