Flower of November

20151111_105909 November 11th holds a special place for most Canadians, but it has been a particularly special one in this house this year. My son started Beaver Scouts this year and on Rememberance Day several troops will come together and march through the streets carrying flags, showing their support for the soldiers that have fought, given th20151111_110431eir lives and those who still fight for our freedoms. It was amazing to be part of that walk this year. I used to worry that younger generations wouldn’t realize the significance of this day, most kids from my sons generation wont know anyone who wore a uniform in  World War, they will only hear the stories.

Its up to us to make sure they do understand the significance of this day, not just in Canada but around the world people come together on this day to show respect.

20151111_105829So today we walked, we sang Oh Canada and then we stood in silence, it was a little hard to explain to  6 year20151111_105822 old why we observe the silence or why the flags are set at half mast (I saw a few that weren’t and I have to say I was actually appalled by it, show respect, its  simple thing to do)

I couldn’t take pictures at the service, that’s to say I wouldn’t actually. I find it to be disrespectful to by fooling around on a phone while the speakers are reciting, the anthem is playing or we are standing in silence. I just can’t. It’s like wearing jeans to church – some people do and to each there own, but I just can’t do it.

The reason this day is as significant as it is to me, and why I will continue to teach my son that it is important to be thankful and grateful to the men and women who have given so much so we can have our freedoms . . . . . . is this man.

John McKendry.
Royal Canadian Air Force.
My Grandfather
My Hero.



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