Bah humbug

Im a Grinch, its time I accept it.

I haven’t always been a Grinch, but the last few years I’ve seen more greed and anger with less compassion and kindness. When did things change? Ok I know I was probably a greedy grinchchild all about the presents under the tree – I mean what kid isn’t at some point – but DAMN people have been creating a generation of little self absorbed narcissists.  Jack came home from school one day after writing letters to Santa and asked me why he wasn’t allowed to ask for ‘lots of stuff’ like his friends. We had a talk about why Santa has a lot to do if he is asked for too many things, it may take up all his time and kids get missed. How do you explain to a kid that you don’t want him being a greedy little shit and missing the whole point of Christmas.

In our house he asks Santa for two things, one he really wants and something he would really like to have incase Elves can’t build something. That’s all he gets from Santa too1772453462-santa (even his stocking he knows is partially from us but he seems to enjoy helping me and Jason shop for each other’s stocking) If you want to spoil your kid that’s absolutely your right to do, but make it YOU who spoils them not Santa, last thing any kid needs is to wonder why Santa doesn’t like them as much as Joe because he got 10 gifts and they only got one.

And might I add, that as much of a Grinch am I would NEVER spoil the dream of Santa for a kid. I have a neighbor (you’ll hear a few things about her, we don’t ‘mesh’) that doesn’t let her kids believe in Santa. Apparently its a Baptist thing, so she says, which is fine to each their own. But teach your kids to be respectful of other families who embrace the legend of Santa. She has told her kids its fine to tell the neighborhood kids there is no Santa. Fuck you lady.

That being said, I’m very grateful for the quiet Christmas at home this year. Jason put husbands to shame by spending 45 minutes in a store to 20151228_191802find me not one, not two, but three new jewelry items to add to my addition (No diamond rings, don’t ask . . . to be fair, I don’t actually want a traditional ring if we get married anyway)

Jack got his bumper cars from Santa, new work bench from Jason and games from me. We limited this year and I have to say I’m so glad we did. It took effort this year, we really had to think about what we wanted to give each other. Sadie got new toys, Loaf (The cats new name) got her first stocking this year with catnip and toys. It was a Merry day. New games for us to play and time well spent. The new year will bring new adventures.

From my family to yours, a very merry Christmas and a wonderful year to come.




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