2016 starts …

For the first time in my life I spent the first day of the year doing sweet F all and I loved it. We had a lazy day in the house. It was glorious.  Normally we head to my Dad’s for BBQ Burgers (Long standing tradition) but they are on the adventure or a lifetime right now (check it out at http://www.cruisingonbusiness.wordpress.com ) so this year we stayed home. I won’t lie, I missed the burgers. Somehow it just didn’t seem like January 1st with out it, but maybe that’s why I was so content with doing nothing.

And the resolutions, oh the resolutions. I sat on my couch with my Netflix reflecting on the year gone by thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this20151229_140103 year and you know what I came up with? Nothing.
I’m not making any resolutions to change this year. Nope, not a one. 20151229_140144Resolutions just seem like you’re forcing something on yourself that  you really don’t want deep down or you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

No, instead I looked back on the last week and what made me so happy in those days and it was the most simple thing.

20151229_161832Living made me happy, experiencing new and old things made me happy, playing Wii games with Jason and Jack, going to the Museum of Man and Nature again (Incidentally if you haven’t gone, shame on you Winnipeggers and visitors make it a priority) Taking Sadie to the dog park ad treading through snow. The most simple of things made it so very clear  . . . .  just living and enjoying the little pleasures is wha20151229_161822t makes a year well spent.

I may have needed that lazy day to just stop and smell the proverbial flowers, lord knows I haven’t done that in awhile but it’s making me excited for what ahead.

I’m creating a bucket list of 2016 rather than resolutions. I want to have 52, one for each week. I may not get that many but it’s something to shoot for. I will however, do my best to be in more pictures instead of always being the one taking them.


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