The Nonsuch

For anyone that’s not familiar with the Nonsuch its a replica ship tha20151229_162708t sits in t20151229_162245he Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature. The history of it is amazing, you can find it here. In short, it is a replica that was built in 1970 in England and sailed to Canada. The original, sailed in 1668 to Hudson Bay to prove a fur trade theory.

I love going to the museum to see this ship. It is housed in it’s own section and has a Port Village built up around it that visitors can explore. It is nothing short of amazing. I love that Jack loves this ship as well. The ship pre-dates the Union Jack and you can see it sails under a20151229_162334 flag with the cross of St. George – (if  You’re not a history geek you won’t understand why this puts me in awe but it does) You can even walk down the seaside stairs at the harbor and see the ship from the ground (Well, ocean floor more accurately)


The minute you walk in you are almost humbled by how spectacular it is, you step foot on deck and you can feel yourself walking back in time, hell you can smell it.

For anyone that believes in reincarnation you’ll understand what I mean when I say I immediately get a sense of familiar and belonging when I walk into this place. I must have lived20151229_161822 a few hundred years ago in a harbor town and loved it. I still love being near the water and the old world charm of port cities to this day draws me in. I’ve never been to the Maritimes in Canada but there is a strong feeling pulling me there as strong as pulling me to Ireland (not surprising when you realize he Celtic influence in he Maritimes)

If  you haven’t gone to the museum please, please do yourself the favor and go. If you’re visiting Winnipeg , please go. You won’t b disappointed. This place brings history to life.  The display of the Ukrainian immigrants that farmed the lands could easily be a still of my families roots in Saskatchewan.

The small town you can walk into . . . amazing.

Just go.


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