2016 feels different

It does, doesn’t it or is it just me?

Every year I’ve started off with this gusto of “I’m going to be healthy, this is my years, I’m going to do this that and the other” but it always fizzles and burns and it does it pretty damn quick.

This year though, something is just different. Maybe its because I decided there was no resolutions, just a year of making memories. But, for whatever reason, its just been mellow. No gusto – just a very sure sense of “Yup, this is my year and i’ll get it done”

I like that.

I started out easing into a whole30 challenge, for 2 weeks I slowly started changing my eating and what I was putting in my body and on January 21 I started full on Whole30 with a friend at work. Ok to be fair it’s only been 5 days, but I’ve lived through the withdrawal (from 6-8 caffeinated beverages a day to 1 is HUGE) and now I’m feeling the benefits. Its been 3 weeks total from changing habits and 5 days full on but I’m. believer.

This. Will. Change. Your. Life.

And already 12 lbs down doesn’t hurt (I know I know, you’re not supposed to weigh . . .I’m working on that too) but damn!

So here I sit, having had another on plan day, a trip to the gym with Jack, a healthy whole30 supper in my belly – feeling like I can really do this. The hardest part was asking Jason for help. I didn’t want to admit I let myself get to a point that my choices made me unhappy – but I did.  It was time for a change and I knew I couldn’t do it myself this time – its not just me anymore. He’s done everything he can to stand beside me and not do it for me and I love him for it. Its my journey and he’s making sure its MINE.

This year is going to be a gooder.



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