Tiny Baker

As odd as it sounds, baking sweets helps me get rid of my cravings for them. Except Yorkshire Pudding . . . . that shit is amazing and I could eat a whole pan of it . . . . all fluffy and delicious . . . . *drool*

Once upon a time I worked in a bakery, a scratch bakery where I learned to do a lot of decorating on cakes. I’ve moved that over to cookies, I freaking love decorating cookies. It’s so relaxing, like those colouring books that are all the rage right now (don’t judge, I love those things too)

With Jack’s birthday coming up and Grandpa away on an adventure of his own, I thought I wouldn’t bother trying to out do Grandpa’s cakes (Ice rink, Race car, Firetruck, Minion and a bowling set – AMAZING) I’ve decided I’m going to make the fancy pants royal icing cookies for him. Then I realized I haven’t made them in a long, long ass time so I had to see if I still had the skills.

Jack decided he wanted to do it too and I’m glad. I love baking with him, he gets a kick out of, I get a kick out of it and it’s time we get to spend together. He has such concentration on his face when he is creating his little masterpieces.

So we did. We made cookies. Now to be fair, I’ve never actually liked the overly sweet diabetes on a biscuit type taste you get with these cookie, but they sure are pretty. Got many a compliment at work and it felt good to give people something a little fancy.

If I could turn this into a career I would. And party planning, a friend and I host some pretty legendary parties, I’m not even going to lie.  I had to admit I have a ridiculously huge cookie cutter collection and I want more.  It’s an addiction, could be a problem.

Take a look at my tiny baker . . . .



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