Whole30 . . . the struggle is real


unofficially the day I began was January 11, officially on January 20.

The time line’s I’ve read have been pretty accurate, first few days I thought Pffft, I got this, this will be a cake walk (totally shouldn’t have said cake) but the first weekend I felt like someone who hadn’t slept in years. Man was I a cranky ass.

I survived.

Then the next week I felt charged up, I was ready to go! More energy, sleeping better, craving water (felt like a damn camel most of the time) then the crash came . . .

The 2 week trap. I was getting frustrated, so very frustrated.  I wanted a cracker, a biscuit or cake . . . oh how I wanted cake.  I’m not going to pretend I have been perfect, there have been a few meals that have had some unfriendly ingredients. Sauces, something cookedin butter instead of olive oil . . . mostly things out of my control when I can’t afford to be picky (Jason has been doing his best to cook meals for me that are whole30 complient and i’m not about to nit pick on minor details)

I know you aren’t supposed to weigh in or measure while in the whole30 but I needed a pick me up. I needed something to tell me that even though the few slip ups I’ve had didn’t mean the whole thing has been a waste. 20 lbs down. I don’t even know how to comprehend this. That’s a car tire. I’ve lost a freaking car tire.

I thought I would have a hard time with the dairy. I love me some cheese and what Ukrainian house doesn’t have sourcream? Know what I miss? Chips.  Plain old regular chips. It doesn’t help that Jack wants to do a “Potato Chips around the world” experiment (More on that coming) but I’ve stuck to it. Chips are my weakness and Coke Zero. Holy shit is that ever my weakness. I have not had either in 2 weeks. That may not sound like much but believe me, its a big big accomplishment.

So I carry on, i’m really enjoying the recipes in the Whole30 cook book and so are the boys. It helps more than imagined it would to have us all eating the same.





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