Do more, talk less

That’s one of the themes for this year, do more – talk less. As in I’m not going to do the lip service of “Yeah I’d like to do . . . ” I’m just going to do it. Going to make LIFE the priority and memories what are made. I read something once and I wish I could find it, basically it was a little poster on why you should never stay late at work. It wasn’t a smart ass thing at all, but quite bluntly made it simple  “You don’t live to work. You live first and foremost. So live”


Jack’s birthday party was this past weekend. We had originally planned for more kids but things happen, people don’t RSVP (Moms worst nightmare, was starting to panic that no one would come) but, we had his Godmother and uncle, his “Shanny”, me and Jason and 2 of the sweetest kids I have ever met. Really, for all the little brats out in the world, these parents deserve kudos for raising such great kids.

Glowbowling . . . how do you beat that. I’m happy it was just the 3 kids looking back. Too many kids this young and what do they remember? Running around being obnoxious, that’s about it. This year, he had fun with his friends, and he will remember that.

He also kicked my ass at bowling, yeah . . . . beat by a 7 year old. Its harsh.

This year, I’m also joining up to be a Beaver Scout Canada beaver%20buddiesleader in an effort to make more 05003memories and do more, talk less. The more you focus on that, the more you can laugh at how silly it was thinking other things were more important.


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