Whole75, Coupons and cooking

Whole30 was good for me, there’s no denying that. I’ve decided to go for round 2 but I’m making it last a little longer. I want to try 75 days. I don’t know why 75, just seemed like a good number.

I started April 1, joke was on me with that start date.  Instead of the lovely, warm, sunshine weather we got snow. More effing snow the last two days. I don’t mind the snow to be honest, I do however, mind the migraine from the air pressure. On a plus, I was naseuus and didn’t crave a damn thing so take it for what it’s worth.

In all seriousness, even my Dr agreed with me when I was telling him that after going 30 days with out grains I was sleeping better, feeling better, loosing weight (finally with ease). I was expecting to have some resistance from the Dr, but his feelings were the same as mine. Some people just don’t do well with grains and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are keeping a healthy diet otherwise.  So, here I go again, this time for longer and with more understanding than last time.

I’ve made a few recipes that I’ve frozen as well to help with the time it takes to cook supper. The crockpot is going to be my friend for a while. I made cottage pie tonight, freaking amaze balls. So happy I made a double batch for the freezer, this may be the key to money and time saving too.

Speaking of money, F me I took a look at how much I was spending on groceries every month, no freaking wonder I can’t seem to get ahead. I have all this nice meat in the freezer, no one takes anything out in the morning and I end up stopping at the grocery store to buy what I already have at home. Money pit. So . . . on top of my whole 75 I’ve started making a conscious effort to stick to a budget. Part of that is freezer meals, part is making sure the boys eat leftovers for lunches instead of us eventually throwing it out and a big part of it too is making lunches instead of buying them. That’ll be easier with the whole 75, I have options around me at work but they are extremely limited for whole30 compliant and believe me, it’ll cost you.

In my quest to be a cheap bugger, I was watching that Extreme Coupon show, thought I’d get some tips, I mean Canada doesn’t do the double coupon days like they have in the states but maybe I’d learn something with loyalty cards etc.
Yeah . . . have you seen the way those people eat? I don’t care if shit is free or practically free, living on frozen pizzas, boxed noodles and sports drinks and candy is INSANE. I mean DAMN.  Can people not figure out why there is an obeseity epidemic happening in the US? How can you expect people to spend $100 a week on fresh, healthy groceries when they can spend $50 a month on absolute crap but that crap comes in abundance. Blows my mind.

I’ll have to do some trial and error when it comes to money-saving for the house. I’ve turned it into a challenge for myself. I have a pretty good pantry stocked up already, and we have a butcher that gives good deals on meat packages (Anywahere from $60 – $260 and it includes a little bit of everything) not to mention planting season is coming soon and we have some extra garden room at my grandparents place.  We even have a pig out at the father in laws. My plan, ultimately is to cut my grocery bill down to less than half of what it was 2 months ago and still find a way to make healthy meals. I think I can do it. I’m pretty sure I can do it.

If anyone has some tips though . . i’m all ears (eyes I suppose) the more help the better.


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