Why can’t I be a Viking . . .

or travel back in time, back to my roots in Celtic Ireland.
I was thinking about that at my desk today, answering calls about stupid questions from people who didn’t bother to read the information already sent. Financial Advisors that have no idea what a pension is beyond an RRSP (and even that is questionable at times) or being yelled at by some one until they realize that the person they want to be yelling at is in a different department . . . in a different building . . . in a different company.

Do you know how much I would enjoy my life if it didn’t require making a money? Honestly think about it . . . bc08dbdb01e690dca00c4b71ed34c3dc I’m not romanticizing the hard, hard lives these people had 1000 years ago, but things were simple. You farmed and hunted for your food, you took care of your family, you made your clothes and your living was made by living. What a concept huh?


I realize that kind of life isn’t for everyone, but for me it is. Give me some land I can grow on, some animals and my family and I will happily work 16 hoursa day to keep it running. I’d love it. vikings_season2_episode1_gallery_8-PSimple life, sense of community (I know they didn’t really look like this but I can dream damn it) and at the end of the day, you’d have no doubts about what really matters in life.


Oh to dream . . . for now, I will do my Monday to Friday, 8-4:30 job and smile through the phone while I secretly curse the person that has called me and make faces at them.  The worst part, is I’m not in an industry that people expect to be treated like shit. I’ve worked hospitality, I’ve worked fast food, I’ve worked retail and you always every-call-center_o_2004757get those people that think that you are beneath them because you are in the ‘service industry’ but this job, I’m making more than decent money, I have a pension and I have great benefits. as-a-call-center-employee_o_2015985I am helping people retire and keep their insurance and healthcare for piss sake and they talk to me like I’m an idiot. Well, if you knew how to do MY job you wouldn’t need to be corrected on simple instructions would you? No. Shut up then and say thank you.

Damn I get crotchety when I have to go back to work after a week off . . . . back to my plan to crack the lotto max code and fund my Viking village on an island off the coast of BC.


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