Life . . . 

My goal this year was to create memories instead of thinking about creating them.

Best decision  in a long time. Weve done so many things already woth more planned. The only down side is dinsing the time to share it all.

The next phase this year for me is focusing on me. Accepting myself, forgiving myself and realizing if i dont look after me i cant look after my family. Ive gone back to my lunch hour gym/walk routine. Gym 3-4 times a week with Jack – he likes being my gym buddy, being with new kids and honestly its the start of healthy habits. More importantly ive commited to another whole30, to trying new things (5km wall/jog and paint night first) and learning to relax. Actually relax woth books, meditating, taking vacation (private island camping for a week i cant wait)

Dinosaurs Alive at the Assiniboine zoo, strawberry picking, return of the Airshow,  learning to cook, making a chip blog, soccer, Beaver Scouts, birthdays and party planning.

Its been a crazy few months 


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