Challenge to make memories . . . Completed.

This summer has gone by far, far too quickly but we managed to pack in a lot of fun and my goal of making memories was accomplished. We still have a few more things planned (I mean who can beat a day at Tinkertown?)

There are so many things to write about, so many pictures to share. So many experiences this year that I dont even know where to start. Having the time to spend with your family is well worth it, I used to take a few days here and there for vacation but never 2 weeks at once, not for a long time anyway. Im so happy I did.

Folklorama pavilions this year, Gimli Icelandic Festival, trips to the zoo, strawberry picking, MB Airshow, finding wild saskatoons, my very first 5Km walk, camping on our own private island . . . .

I have enough pictures to have a post on each day, and the down time in the next few weeks while I adjust to life in a new position is what i’ll be doing with it.

“Make a life, not a living”


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