5Km ahead

Jack and I did our first 5 km walk together yesterday and got our medals.  I was so freaking proud of that kid for not giving up. We didn’t run, I’m not nearly in shape enough to run or jog a 5 km yet, but I plan to be. It was a good start to building some healthy habits.

Jack wore an old pair of my running 

leggings that looked just like pants on him and my old running jacket. Its a major slap in the face wake up call to see your 7 year old in a jacket you used to be able to fit into to.

My muscles were sore the next day and man do I miss that feeling. I Have no idea why I stopped (ok not true, new relationship excitement blah blah). But holy shit do I miss that sore the next day feeling (insert dirty joke) Still a little off schedule on my sleep pattern, a lot actually, but working on the diet that will help that more.

I have to make it part of my daily routine to check in or I will fail. I don’t want to be a failure at having a healthy life. Who does? I have some obstacles ahead – but I can’t give in. Jason has started a new job so we are trying to put a routine in order – easier said than done.

Slightly off topic- but what the hell is with the back to school attitude of kids lately??  Kids are jerks sometimes (Yeah, mine included) and kind of irritating (Yeah. . .still mine too) no wonder I only had one.  Ever notice that people will chuckle when you say something like that in passing until they realize you’re serious. You become the worst Peron on the planet because you say out loud, yeah kids  can be annoying jerks.
They can, get over it. I love my kid more than I can say, but I can still be honest and say he’s kind of a jerk sometimes


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