90 days

Ive spent the last few months really taking a step back and wondering wtf I’m doing.  With my health, my mental health, my time, my goals . . . . all kinds of things..

Know what conclusion I came to? I’m too busy doing things i’m ‘supposed’ to do and not the things I like or even want to do.  So much so that I’m not even sure what things I actually DO like anymore.  I’ve spent some time watching a youtube to figure out what things I like or want to do.

I’ve come up with a few things . . . . Crocheting, I have no idea how to crochet and it just seems like something I would do. Why don’t I know how to do this? I want to learn to crochet.

I used to really like exercising before I got all fat again (Yeah, i’m allowed to say that, its not a bad word it just makes people uncomfortable  – I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable, I have a point to make) Winter sucks for exercise when you aren’t the kind of person that likes the -40* weather (Yeah . . . I said -40*, I aint lying)

Photography. I am picture obsessed, you’ve seen my instagram and if you haven’t, look to the right. I love taking pictures of everything (except me of course because I got all fata again and i’m uncomfortable with being in pictures) I took a photography class and it helped some, got some nifty tricks, but I need to learn more. I want to learn a lot more actually and take better pics especially with my phone. Don’t laugh you can get some amazeballs pics on phones.

Here’s the thing . . . in watching videos of random things, thinking about what I like doing, want to do, miss doing blah blah blah . . . I keep coming across the same kind of 90 days of this, 90 day of that. You can change a lot in 90 days.
So Im going to try 90 days of blog entries, 90 days of push ups (trying to do 1 more each day) 90 days of exercise to find what I like again. 90 Days of pictures.

Just 90 days . . . and i’m going to keep track of them all too, once I figure out what things i’m doing. I need to add some meditation in there too . .. need to let go of some shit that bothers the crap out of me. No one that annoys me is going to give a rats ass if it makes me mad, so I need to let it go. Total side point there.

I do really like being part of Scouts Canada. It gives you a sense of purpose ironically when this years meetings started was when I made the connection of how much off track I’ve let my direction go.

I’m going to brew on the things I want to do for 90 days and when I want it to start. Probably tomorrow, cause lord knows i’m patient AF

Interesting times ahead . . . . .


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