My hipster day

yeah that’s right, I was a hipster for a day. Sort of.

I spent an afternoon with my son and my cousin walking around downtown Winnipeg checking out some kitchy little shops, having some delicious food and just having a fun time exploring. I honestly love taking my kid on adventures like this, my cousin too – good ol’ ginger.


First stop was the Haberdshery. I love this place but what I love more is my 8 year old is in love with bowties. $45 bowties mind you, but for our next special event I’ve promised him a new tie. He’s already decided on the shamrock one, bless.

Next up, Amsterdam Tea Room. If you are ever in Winnipeg, go. Some of the most amazing IMG_20170304_184023_553blends you’ll come across. It’s warm and cozy, the man behind the counter who I assume is the owner – is incredibly  friendly and knowledgeable.  Get hooked on tea, its awesome.  Just the whole vibe, you just want to curl up on one of the funky chairs and stare out the window.

We stopped at a used book store. Jack picked up a book about dragons, Shannon found a vinyl copy of the Righteous Brothers . . for $2. I don’t care if you don’t IMG_20170304_183157_241listen to records or oldies, that deal is amazeballs. Toad hall to look at toys and models, games and magic. We ended up getting bath tablets . . . I know they are for kids, supposedly, but these things are awesome. They just change the colour of the water, but you can mix them up to make different colours. I may have used half of them myself.

We had a bite to eat at Bodegoes, such great food. Curry mayo for fries . . . you don’t even know. the honey dill sauce for the chicken fingers . . . . you don’t even know (I’ve been told this is a Manitoba thing, not sure if it’s true but it tastes great)  A few places were closed and we couldn’t stop in but that’s just another adventure day.  All the places we stopped we saw well groomed bearded dudes  . . . .


Final stop at Second Cup for tea and scones. London Fog’s, obvi. These are the kind of days that should happen more often. Memories of living, spending a day with family and having fun. Not trying to recover from the work week that came before it. . More days like this to come.


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