I could write a blog . . .I have thoughts

ohhh you’d think it was just that easy wouldn’t you? Its not. Totes not. Maybe for the writer type people, I’m not one of those people.

But I have thoughts. I have lots of those,  you’d think I’d be all over twitter because of the random thoughts that pop into my head. I’m not, twitter annoys me . . too much filtering needed to catch up on whos saying what . . . maybe I just need a good app for it.

Off topic, I have to give kudos to these people that blog on the regular, its effing had to do. I enjoy reading blogs though, I have to compare it to having a custom magazine that gives me only the articles I want without having to flip through all the crappy advertisements.

I had a point to this post, the point was I could NOT figure out what my road black was with getting that healthy life back. I needed a vacation, those two weeks off where I literally slept for 4 days. I needed it to reset my mindset.  Then I found that my non momentum for my health had more to do with stress and lack of organization and little to do with lack of motivation.

I got something for myself . . . . Chris & Heidi Powell Transform App. Yup – I caved and bought it. But I have to say from first glance, i’m going to love it. The thing I was missing wasn’t the knowledge so much as the how to and the organizing of what I need to do. This app has a good, user friendly meal planner and it has meals I like, by that I mean grab and go, quick prep etc. I hate those plans that you have to plan and prep for hours to get the menu right. This one, there are easy peasey options and stuff I can’t get from a grocery store deli or even 7-11 if i’m in a pinch. That’s cool beans.

I got 3 months, I’m going to use it to keep accountable and get shit moving . . . I’ll blog more as well and delve more into if the app is worth the money. So far i’m sure it is.

Can I also say I’m effing stoked to be doing a Mud Run for my scout troop, yeah, its happening. I’m planning on a lot of 5km’s walks this year and even training to jog as well, so much easier when you quite smoking btw. News flash I know.

I’ll be back soon, ok tomorrow, i’ll write about day one tomorrow. Still trying to figure out how the F i’m going to drink 4 litres of water . . . . .


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