Tim McGraw

I can’t say enough about this man as an entertainer.

Jason, being the man he is, bought tickets to see his show because i non chalantly said seeing Tim McGraw was on my bucket list, the last concert that is on my list. A commercial on tv, a comment of “I would love to see him live”
“You havent seen him live? You’ve seen so many people in concert”
|Not him . . .he’s the last on my bucket list”
Jason opens laptop . . . 5 minutes pass . . . .
“Ok Hun, I bought tickets, we’re going to see him on the 7th”

Just like that. Like he picked up a coffee on the way home.

I wish I took more pcitures, then again i’m happy I didnt’ becuase i actually watched the show. I heard the words to ShotGun Rider and Humble and Kind while i SAW him singing.

Loved every damn minute of it.

I bought myself a chromebook a week later because it made me remember why i wanted to start this blog in the first place, just to share my life. Of course it would be amazeballs if your blog blew up, you had comments from all over, people invested in you . . . but realistically so many people have blogs now that you really never know if you’re talking to anyone, or just yourself.. Either way . . . TIM MCGRAW  . . . i get distracted easily. I swear i have the mind set of a child, or a squirrel somedays.




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