Bossbody . . . Bodyboss . . . .

I’ve been making myself wake up early like i used to, like 5 am early, ok maybe 5:15, to walk to the dog. Shes a mastiff shephard mix and missed out one some prime socializing and walk training due to a broken leg when she was a pup. Because of that I have found the best time to walk her is early in the morning when no one is out with other dogs, she hasn’t quite figured out that not all dogs want to play with her and not every street is hers to guard – but being 110 lbs, she scares people – even as gentle as I know she is.

Anyway, that’s usually 20-30 minutes walking in the morning and thats a good start to the day. But something is missing, the weight training. I have a problem though, I don’t know where to begin with it. Im not one to follow the circuit training that is timed, I don’t know why it’s not appealing to me but I think it’s the feeling I get that maybe I haven’t done a lot of reps and really haven’t done a lot of good. I also like to have something on in the background to watch and I can’t do that if I have to watch a time clock.

But . . . I also don’t know how to make up my own routines either. What exercises do i do? How many reps? How much resistance? Do I do a total body every other day or do I focus on different areas on different days? Its confusing and over whelming and makes you feel too frustrated to even begin.

I fell to the ad pressure of instagram and looked up Body Boss . . . .looks right up my alley. Doesnt really rely on the time limit, but the reps. Changes things up, lays out your day for you so there is no guess work . . .. uses body weight or gives you suggest free weight size.

But . . .. its $70, $90 if you want the actual book which I think I would prefer, something about being able to flip a page is inspiring to me.

Can I justify the the expensive when I can probably get some good routines online for free? Or, do I look at it from the point of how could i not spend $90 on my health.

I’m torn . .. . anyone have experience with Bossbody? Do I make my own and be the Body Boss . . . maybe see how that goes? Such decisions . . .


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