Bring it ON

I did it. I bought the program.

i actually did some searching on reviews and downloaded the 1 week sample.

its appealing to me. The set up and the exercises are what interest me. So now Im stoked as hell waiting for the book to come in. 

Ive started mentally prepping too. I dont know why I had it in my head i needed to pick up where i left off before or that i coukd do this quickly.

its going to take time and im not going to sabotage myself by skippimg steps or pushing too hard. Take my time. Do it right.

The big thing though is Im going to blog about it. I did notice there werent a lot of obese before and afters but that could be simply becuase they dont want to share.

So im going to track the 16 weeks (im doing the 4 week prep) ups, downs, pros, cons and ugh . . . photos.

so stoked!


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