Damn Nachos

I was on the right path, I was feeling good about my choices, I was seeing noticeable differences in what I craved, when I craved, when I was hungry . . . . and then game 5 hit and I thought Meh, I’ll have a night off, it wont be so bad, everything else is on point except the damn nacho chips.

Those bastards really pack a punch when you haven’t eaten grains in a weeks.

25 pounds down this year . . . and 5 came back from one night of Nachos.

I’d do it again.


And why? Because I know I can. I know from past experience saying “I can’t have this or that” is a sure fire way to binge on it and fail at whatever eating style you are trying to make habit. I’ve changed my mental game to “I can have that, but is it worth it?” 99% of the time the answer is no.

When its game 5 of the playoff series and your Jets are up 3 games to 1, you’re all around the TV watching the game in your “We Are Winnipeg #Winipegwhiteout” shirts . . . making nachos is worth it.

You know what the amazing thing is to me? I am actually ok with it. I don’t feel guilt, maxresdefaultI don’t feel ashamed, its humorous in a way that the corn chips can pack on 5 lbs (Im pretty sure I didn’t eat 5 lbs of nachos . . . but I could be wrong, it was good game, what can I say) whiteoutI had a great night with my hubs and kid, we got excited, we yelled at the ref’s, we cheered when we scored and we high fived when we won.  I challenge any city to love their team more than we do. We know how it feels to lose them and we know how it feels to earn them back.

That being said . . . I don’t know that nachos will be on the menu for the next round unless I’m making my own chips or using pork rinds . . . . and damn it I had pork rinds in the house.

I regret nothing.

Life happens. I wont be perfect. But I can be consistent. This is what I learned.

This is a big non scale victory for me. Keto is changing more than my waist line it seems.



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