Netflix – Magic Pill

Magic Pill

I don’t even know where to start. I watched it this morning just randomly, hadn’t heard anything about it before, wasn’t expecting it to come into my netflix feed or anything like that. It was just there.  The last few days I’ve been really paying attention to how my body is reacting to things and having those non scale victories giving me that little bit of confirmation that this is the right lifestyle for me . . . . then this played

Mind. Blown.

Honestly, everything I have worked through in my own mind about why a Keto life makes sense to me was addressed in this documentary. Everything.  Right down to the cycle of life and how we are meant to be part of it not manipulate it. Nature knows better than we do, lets be real about that.  We are never going to find health and balance by changing the natural order of life. That’s a rant for another day.

But there was tangible, physical evidence of the benefit of this way of eating. Diabetics, autistic children,  Alzheimer, cancer  . . . . don ‘t get it twisted i’m not saying this is a be all end all cure for everything, not at all. What this did show was the why, the how. Why does this work? Because it’s how mankind thrived for hundreds and hundreds of generations.

One point that really stuck out to me that I will be using when people decide to give me advice on not eating those fabulous grains  . . . .  Cows are fed a grain diet to do what? Fatten them up quickly and send them to slaughter.  Pigs, chickens, ducks . . . . all the same. They are fed a diet to make them fat, and we expect that we are somehow immune to that?

And vegetarian/vegans that argue about not consuming animals for any reason (I’m not calling vegetarians or vegans bad – you do you and let me do me) I wonder how many of them feed their plants or eat plants that have been fertilised with blood or bone meal . . . or how many of them actually try to find out about that.  Life Cycle.

Think about it.

Watch it. Its great.


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