I’m so vain . . . .not really

The doubt and anticipation is being slowly chipped away.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but anytime I’ve started a weight loss journey (This isn’t all about weight loss, I needed to fix my insomnia first and foremost, and overall health . . . but that included weight loss) I’ve always had this anticipation of that first time some one noticed.

How long was it going to take?? I saw the scale move but no one seemed to notice. I read somewhere that people don’t really notice until you’ve lost 10% of your body weight. To date I’ve lost a bit more than 10%, 27 lbs in total.

The first time someone mentioned it, I more or less brushed it off because we are doing a biggest loser competition at work and they knew I was in it – so maybe this was just a supportive ‘keep it up’ kind of thing.

Then someone else mentioned it . . . . then another . . . . and today another.

I’m loving that people are noticing. I mean I’ve noticed it in the amount of sleep I get, in my clothes fitting differently (One MAJOR thing for me was my scout leader uniform no longer making me feel uncomfortable from being tight around my hips, that was hug for me) I’ve heard some people say you shouldn’t put so much emphasis on how you look and if other people notice and maybe that’s true but damn it I like that people have noticed. I like having a compliment and actually being able to accept it at face value, no more undermining or diminishing it.

Im trying to remember that everything is going in the right direction as I sit at my desk at home, sick, missing the most beautiful day of the year  . . . . and trying to not eat all the left overs in the fridge . . . . with extra queso dip . . . . . and crackers.


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