Im 39 now . . . . WTF??

When did this happen? Honestly, i’m not sure when this happened. I still have a lot of days where I find myself shocked I’m allowed to be responsible for another human being . . . and pets . . . and a mortgage . . . .

It’s been almost a month since my birthday and I don’t know what it is about that number 39 but I’ve done more in the last month for my own health and mental health than I have in the last year. That’s good but sad to me at the same time.

I’ve committed to eating better and drinking more water (Coca Cola being referred to as ‘coke’ is no coincidence, that crap is addictive as F) and I’ve started working out 3-4 times a week, that’s not the part that is sad to me.  I’ve spent time reading books, not text books or anything like that, just books (Not going to lie, i’m only now getting around to Harry Potter series, don’t judge me!) I used to love reading and I havent spent the time on myself to just sit and read. Working out is done in the morning at 5 am, just because it’s quiet and its my time. I’ve gone camping with the family, even just as an over night but we’ve gone, we’ve shut off phones, we’ve not taken any computers, tablets etc.  I’ve loved it.  I’ve said No. That’s one I’m surprised took me so long to do. I’ve actually said no to people and plans, not because I was over booked but because I just wanted to relax.

How come it took me so damn long to get here? This is a really nice way to live . . . . You do You.  I’m looking forward to this year coming up . . . . but 40? F me . . . . at least i can look forward to travelling to Ireland for my 40th.



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