Fitbit and Fat Fast

I’m ditching the fitbit.  In fairness it stopped working last week and I’ve been going back and forth about replacing it. Im learning I’m an impulse shopper – I’ll spend a whole lot of money with no second thought, but if I take 15 minutes to think about it, I’m cheap AF.

FITBIT1Money aside though, I started to think about why I really wanted it. Yes its good for tracking my sleep that’s initially why I got one and I really do enjoy the challenges between friends  . . . .

Here’s the thing that really stuck out to me though. I have been obsessing over the number of steps. I know its supposed to motivate you an all that jazz but I was starting to take it to a not-so-good place. I was actually getting upset when I didn’t make the step goal for the day and it turned into negative thoughts about myself. That’s just not good.

It’s weird how that can creep up on you without noticing it.  So there it is, the fitbit is gone. I mean really, I know how much I’m supposed to move each day. I know sitting on my ass on the couch all Sunday morning is not a great decision (Though sometimes it’s the best thing I can do for myself) so if I know where I should be at, why am I obsessing about a number?


The other thing I’m doing is a fat fast. I’m giving this a whirl.  Ive stalled out on my weight loss which is weird because I still have  a lot more I can lose (talking 70 lbs here people)

Now, if I’m being honest, I’ve spent the last few weeks eating croissants on the weekend and chips a few evenings, baking cakes and eating icing . . . . so ok looking at that now its pretty obvious why the scale hasn’t moved.

However, I wanted to get rid of those cravings for carbs and specially the chips. My God how I love chips, its an addiction for real.

Have to say, its not been nearly as tough as I thought it would be. Maybe I’m more focused, but I’m saying its down to butter. Butter is amazing and I love it.

I’ve been following a fat fast menu for 3 days now and the cravings are nil, my energy is fine, I’ve been drinking a lot more water . . . . the fast is over tomorrow and I’ll go back on my keto eating but I think it will be easier to do now that I’ve done this.

imagesZ0QOV495I don’t recommend it for everyone of course. Do your research, actual research not just the ‘fat fast weight loss results’ YouTube where they tell you they dropped 5-8 lbs in 3 days.   Actually look into it.

On a side note – how have I missed the guilty pleasure TV of Naked and Afraid XL?? I’ve binged watched this damn show and I don’t even feel bad about it. I could totes survive in the wild . . . not the jungle though, there’s no way I could handle the ants and mosquitos. I’d tap out on day one.


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