I’m an older-than-I-look working Mom living in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my son, my spouse , our 110 lbs ‘lap’ dog, our cat,  Loaf and our newest addition, a 4 month old mutt named Lexi.

When I had my son I had the luxury of taking a year off to be with him and in that time I became a healthier person mentally and physically.  I love making memories (and photographing them much to the annoyance of family and friends) and Im pretty sure I was meant to be a house wife in the 50’s or a country farmer away from civilization. Although . . . I don’t think a 50’s housewife would have the colourful language I tend to have. I’ve been told I have no filter on my mouth . . . but at least I’m funny about it.

I’ve spent the last few years now trying to figure out what works for me. What routine I can find that doesn’t seem like a chore but allows me to be happy and healthy.

As the years go on, I really do understand the meme’s i see that say “The older I get, the less drama I want and the more I appreciate the little things in life” Im not a full of wisdom, a stepford wife, a perfect soccer mom or the flawless badass career woman who takes no prisoners. I’m still trying to figure things out and on the journey there I’m learning to have some fun, not take things too seriously and be kind. Be kind to others and to myself.



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